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Conflux will help you organize your office. Completely. Easily. For the future.

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Conflux is a product that will make your life at the office easier. Finally, with Conflux, you can completely organize your office and make it
more secure.


We're confident that you'll have your office organized in a week or we'll refund your full purchase amount.

Conflux works by giving you a simple to use, secure place to put all your business information. Keep your calendar, email, address book, files and documents in one place. Conflux is an enterprise content management system that works for any size organization--from the one person office to large organizations with hundreds of employees. You can find out more about the features of Conflux here.

Depending on the size and the requirements of your office, we developed a few different ways to get Conflux.

Greener Pastures with Conflux