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Organizing your office is easy.

Conflux is a simple and affordable way to manage your business, large or small. Save thousands in technology expenses each year.



The contacts database is a convenient way to record and search for data of clients and any related associates. You simply need to type a few keywords in the contact search form and the result is quickly displayed on your screen.

Conflux Contacts


A very handy address book for your application. You can share your business contacts with the organization, privately and securely. Use Conflux to maintain accurate contact lists as well as other associated information. You can even track all emails to and from a contact.

Possibility to manage private and company contacts and associated information.

Ability to search contacts with many different methods.

Tight integration with the email module.

Ability to send newsletters and such to your clients through the use of a mass-email feature.

Power to keep your contact history by attaching notes to the contact.