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Organizing your office is easy.

Conflux is a simple and affordable way to manage your business, large or small. Save thousands in technology expenses each year.



Manage your documents collaboratively. Keep track of revisions and versions as you go. To find a document, type in the keywords and let Conflux find it.

Conflux Documents


Documents are accessible from the web.

Documents can be described easily and thoroughly.

Comprehensive search functionality allows you to find documents based on the contents of document metadata or the file contents.

Version management ensures the safe preservation of older document versions.

Shared document base can be used by the whole organization via the Internet. Access is grouped by the organizations and is limited with passwords.

Feature to note

You can use your regular Windows Internet Explorer to view and edit your documents.

  1. Open Internet Explorer (your web browser)
  2. Select File->Open from the menu.
  3. Type in as the address (it's case sensitive)
  4. Check "Open as Web Folder"
  5. Click OK
  6. Type in your Conflux username and password.

Doing this also creates a shortcut to Conflux WebDav under your "My Network places" folder, so you can access WebDav from there afterwards.