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Organizing your office is easy.

Conflux is a simple and affordable way to manage your business, large or small. Save thousands in technology expenses each year.


Tasks and Workflows

Tasks, notes and workflows allow users to effectively organize their work and responsibilities. The user can assign tasks both to himself/herself and to other co-workers. A friendly user interface allows you to determine the status and priority, due date of a task and people assigned to it. The task automatically records the event if any related person views it. Assigned users are also able to accept the task, in which case a respective record is made. Workflows is similar in concept to projects - grouping multiple tasks together. This enables you to get a much better overview of a specific project and its progress. Tasks can be organized in serial or parallel order and email notifications about the progress of the project can be sent to participants accordingly.

Conflux Tasks


Consider using the Workflow tool for all your business planning. You or the people you work with can map out their major tasks and this becomes a type of succession planning.