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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though our product is very easy to use, we still get a few questions. Here are some of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-sales Questions

Can I try out Conflux? We will gladly walk you through our product, if that's what you would like. If you'd like to use our product for 30 days for free, we can set up a demo account for you. Contact us with your request and we'll set you up as soon as we can.

Who is Conflux for? What types of businesses or individuals use Conflux? Conflux works best for people in offices or people that work with a lot of digital information. Also, organizations that have multiple offices or people working from home love Conflux.

Do I need to install anything on my computer? No. You just need a web-browser. Occasionally, if the browser has some security settings set very high, parts of Conflux will not work properly. This sometimes happens when you are using a public computer or a non-standard web-browser. Conflux has been tested on Windows, Macs and even Linux computers with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari and Opera.

Can I get my data out of Conflux if I choose to discontinue your service? There are easy to use export tools that allow you to extract your information from Conflux. If there's anything that you need that can't be exported, let us know and we'll help.

Can I use my own domain name? Sometimes. If you need to set up a domain name to access our Conflux service, you can. However, you will lose the SSL capabilities. Conflux will not host your website for you. Some of our clients use sub-domains (i.e. to access our service.

Does Conflux require extensive training? No, our software is designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, while retaining a powerful set of functionality. It is our belief that an average user can tap into the power of Conflux in one or two days with very little guidance needed.

Does Conflux work with my Microsoft Outlook (or Outlook Express)? Absolutely. While Conflux has a calendar, to do list, email and notes just like Outlook, we understand if you would like to keep using your software. You can import or export to Outlook easily enough. If you would like to stop using Outlook, Conflux is a great way to break free.

How do I use Conflux with my Blackberry or PDA? Since there is no way to directly synchronize your PDA to Conflux, you'll need to keep using your existing synchronizing software (usually either Outlook or the software that came with your PDA). All you need to do is export your information from Conflux and import it into your software and it will be ready for your next synchronization. Additionally, Conflux sends out notifications of events by email so if you're subscribed to these notifications, you'll receive emails about your upcoming calendar.

Is my data safe? Yes. We do our utmost to make sure that your day is private and secure.

Will anyone else be able to access our information if we put it on your server?No. Only our privileged network administrators have access to the server and other than that, no one can get to your data.

Technical Questions

Do you do backups? We do regular backups and store our backups in a separate on-site server as well as a secure server in a different data center.

Can I install Conflux on my own server? Sometimes. If you would like to do this, you can contact our installation specialists.

What is your server platform? Our server is running Fedora Core linux. Our database is PostgreSQL 8.1. Our web server is Apache 2 and our application is written in Python 2.4.

Questions About Using Conflux

I use SSL encryption on my Conflux server and cannot download files from the Documents module using Internet Explorer. What is wrong? Clear the "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" option, which you can find by starting Internet Explorer, selecting "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu and clicking on the "Advanced Internet Options" tab. The option you are looking for is located in the "Security" section.

How do I access the older versions of a document? In the documents module of Conflux, if you click on the icon beside the file name, you'll be taken to the "meta data" for the file and here, you'll be able to access previous versions.

Can I use Conflux to backup the files on my computer? Yes. While Conflux can't back up your entire computer, you can store any sort of file in our documents module and therefore you could save backups in Conflux. This works best for business documents or files.

Other General Questions

What does Conflux mean? "Conflux" is a derivative of "confluence" which is a coming together of people or things. We think it's appropriate.

Can I customize and/or resell Conflux to my customers? Yes, please contact our sales department for further details. We can build custom modules or change certain element if you need.